Baton Rogue Police

Following Tragic Police Shooting, Baton Rogue Police Patrol with M16A1’s

Following the tragic shooting of 3 Baton Rogue police officers at the end of July, responding officers could be seen patrolling the Baton Rogue area with M16A1’s. For those of you who are familiar with the M16A1, you know that this is a somewhat antiquated rifle. If you are not familiar with this rifle (and I would be truly surprised if you aren't), it would be helpful to know that it took the … [Read More...]

1911 holster

Choosing the Best Concealed Carry Holsters for You

According to the U.S. concealed carry legislation, almost anyone is allowed to carry a firearm on one’s own person, in public, as long as that firearm is concealed in order to not unsettle the people passing by, and as long as the wearer has the required carry license. Many weapons which couldn’t normally be carried in the open become allowed in public, but only if their owners wear them in … [Read More...]

Adler Shotgun

How to Perform the Adler Shotgun Mod

After the Port Arthur massacre from 20 years ago, Australia adopted a stricter gun control legislation. The National Firearms Agreement of 1996 is still active today. 20 years after being adopted, the Australian gun law is being challenged today by a simple gunsmithing tweak able to circumvent a ban by modifying the Adler shotgun in order to increase its magazine capacity. In today’s … [Read More...]

George Zimmerman Gun

The George Zimmerman Gun Is Now for Sale

George Zimmerman, the man who shot and killed the allegedly unarmed black teenager Treyvon Martin in 2012, has just announced he is auctioning the gun he used in that case. The infamous George Zimmerman gun was originally listed for sale on last Thursday but has been removed by the website almost immediately. The website pulled Zimmerman's listing almost immediately as it went … [Read More...]