How to Perform the Adler Shotgun Mod

After the Port Arthur massacre from 20 years ago, Australia adopted a stricter gun control legislation. The National Firearms Agreement of 1996 is still active today. 20 years after being adopted, the Australian gun law is being challenged today by a simple gunsmithing tweak able to circumvent a ban by modifying the Adler shotgun in order to increase its magazine capacity. In today’s gunsmith lesson post, we will teach you how to do this shotgun mod yourself fast. But, first, let’s take a deeper look into the debate surrounding this now controversial gun mod.

The debate was ignited in early April 2016, because of reports of Nik Halliwell, an Adelaide-based gunsmith who is able and willing to perform a shotgun mod on Adler models which circumvents the 1996 law. The import of Adlers with a magazine capacity of 8 rounds or more has been banned sometime last year, due to the current legislation, adopted in 1996. This means that only 5 round Adler shotgun models are lawful under current laws, preventing too much damage from being made in case of another shooting disaster. A potential shooter would have to stop after firing 5 rounds, in order to recharge, making himself vulnerable to being stopped in this recharging interval.

Adler Shotgun

Source: Herald Sun

But with the gun mod performed by the Adelaide gunsmith, this limitation can now be lawfully circumvented by simply modifying an Adler to increase its magazine capacity to 7 and even 11 rounds. Most states in Australia don’t have any specific limitations on how many rounds levers can have, only the import of 7 round shotguns is banned. While the gun control community in Australia is outraged and claims that the “gun mod mocks the current laws“, the pro-gun community says a change of legislation was long overdue anyway and better laws may result from this debate, which will probably continue for the next months. Until the various political groups can agree on how to settle the issue, more and more gun owners are getting the shotgun mod installed on their guns.

How the Process of Adler Shotgun Modification Works

If you’re interested in performing the so-called Australian modification on your own Adler shotgun, we’ve got just the right step by step approach outlined for you here. The main idea, as mentioned above, is increasing the magazine capacity from 5 rounds to 7 or even 11 rounds. In order to perform this gun mod, you will need the following: a 5 shot Adler, magazine extension tubes (depending on the exact shotgun mod you want to perform, for 7 rounds or for 11), a gunsmithing table and only the most basic tools. The entire modification on your Adler can be completed in 10 minutes, according to Nik Halliwell, the gunsmith who started this trend.

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Gunsmithing Tips and Lessons: a Step by Step Guide on How to Make an Australian modification for an Adler Shotgun

  • Buy the magazine extension tubes you need, you can order them online from a lot of Australian suppliers now;
  • Wiggle the magazine off from your Adler, it should come off rather easily;
  • Install the magazine extension tubes on your shotgun according to the instructions of Nik Halliwell. You can watch his presentation video here or even write to him to request written instructions; he has declared that in the past few weeks he did send a 3 page detailed how-to guide for this gun mod to people who ‘knew their guns’.
  • You can also opt to modify your shotgun in order to increase its magazine round capacity directly at a gunsmith shop; more and more such shops are performing this shotgun mod for a relatively small price. The service popularity has exploded in the past few months and is likely to increase even further, at least until the current debates surrounding Australian gun law come to a conclusion. While the matter is still unclear (and the import ban remains in place), this loophole will be exploited.

What to Watch Out for When Modifying an Adler Shotgun

  • The most immediate thing to watch out for, of course, is whether your modified Adler shotgun will still be legal to own once the law debates will be over. You may be required to revert to the old model if the law is set in favor of pro-gun control crowd.
  • Last, but not least, if you decide to get the shotgun mod from a professional gunsmith shop, since many of them are performing the gun mod now, you should know what price range to expect. Our reports indicate that Adlers can be reverted to their original 7 shot capacity (they are currently being modified to have only 5 rounds in order to fit the 1996 Australian gun law) for about $165, and upgraded to a whopping 11 round magazine for $250.

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