How to Perform the Adler Shotgun Mod

Adler Shotgun

After the Port Arthur massacre from 20 years ago, Australia adopted a stricter gun control legislation. The National Firearms Agreement of 1996 is still active today. 20 years after being adopted, the Australian gun law is being challenged today by a simple gunsmithing tweak able to circumvent a ban by modifying the Adler shotgun in order to increase its magazine capacity. In … [Read more...]

How to Build a Shooting Range for Your Home

How to Build a Shooting Range

Interested in learning how to build a shooting range at home with minimal investment? You’ve come to the right place. Since this type of homemade range is becoming more and more popular, we decided to cover it with a GunsmithU guide. Constant practice is the key to achieving greatness no matter the field. Gun shooting is no exception, and the rigors of practice are even more … [Read more...]

How to Boresight a Rifle Like a Pro


There are plenty of advantages of boresighting a rifle, the most obvious one being increasing the accuracy of your gun considerably. In fact, once you install a boresight in your rifle, you can expect your range of shooting to increase with about 20 meters while maintaining the same shooting accuracy you had previous to the boresighter installation. If you tend to prefer the … [Read more...]

Explore the Top Gunsmithing Schools of 2016

Top Gunsmithing Schools

Studying to become a gunsmith is a labor of love, but also a great opportunity for all those with a keen interest in guns and firearms in general. If you take the time to study them, their components, how they work and how they can be improved, you will be greatly rewarded, with the potential to earn a good living while also doing what you truly love. Without further ado, we … [Read more...]

How to Find the Best Gunsmithing Schools in Texas

Gunsmithing Schools in Texas

A keen interest in guns and how they work, as well as some self-taught skills based on online tutorials aren’t enough to make you a gunsmith. The question isn’t necessarily how to become a gunsmith in terms of information and skills to acquire, but a more accurate one would be how to become a certified gunsmith. Also, the advantage of graduating from a licensed gunsmithing … [Read more...]