Ruger American 9mm Handgun Review

Ruger American

After our overwhelmingly positive review of the new Ruger LCP, we wanted to continue the trend of reviewing handguns from this manufacturer. The newly developed Ruger American pistol is the result of several years’ worth of research and development carried out by one of the most legendary names in the firearm niche: Sturm, Ruger & Co. Since the polymer handgun market was … [Read more...]

Ruger LCP 380 Handgun Review

Ruger LCP

The Ruger LCP 380 is a popular handgun model which managed to become a classic although it was launched by Ruger as recently as 2008. Enjoying constantly high ratings in owner feedback polls, the Ruger 380 is the ideal piece to own for many firearm enthusiasts. Still, in spite of its generally favourable reviews, the gun lacks some of the features required to make it available … [Read more...]

Remington RM380 Hand Gun Review

Today, we will closely examine the Remington RM380 from Remington. The RM380 is a Remington micro pistol concealed carry pocket gun. It is the first new pistol produced at the new Remington factory in Huntsville, Alabama. At first glance, this small, semiautomatic pistol intended for concealed carry may bring into question its functionality. How well does this small pistol … [Read more...]

Polymer Pistol Grip Gun Accessory Review

Polymer Pistol Grip

*This Product is out of Stock on Amazon* Almost every gun user appreciates a more personalized approach to his or her favorite firearm. Therefore, any extra perks, upgrades or customizable parts often serve as hot topics among gun aficionados. Today, we will closely examine the Polymer Pistol Grip from Guntech Inc. This accessory has proven to be hugely popular with gun … [Read more...]

Pulsar N750 Digital Night Vision Review

Pulsar N750

You have probably heard about the Pulsar N750. This Digital Night Vision riflescope has been around the market for a couple of years now. If wondered what to make of the Pulsar N750, our N750 review will tell you everything: the pros, the cons, the specs, the features and so on. The Pulsar N750 Digital Night Vision is a quite advanced rifle scope with digitalized night … [Read more...]