The George Zimmerman Gun Is Now for Sale

George Zimmerman, the man who shot and killed the allegedly unarmed black teenager Treyvon Martin in 2012, has just announced he is auctioning the gun he used in that case. The infamous George Zimmerman gun was originally listed for sale on last Thursday but has been removed by the website almost immediately. The website pulled Zimmerman’s listing almost immediately as it went up.

Afterwards, the George Zimmerman gun was then posted for sale on another website, But, that link has since been removed as well. It seems that even though Zimmerman claims to have acted in self-defence against Treyvon Martin that night, and that selling his possessions is among his basic citizen rights, the press is less inclined to look upon his matter with sympathy. Not only will these websites seemingly not accept such an auction, but some of them are actually concerned about being connected to the incident or with Zimmerman himself. Gunbroker in particular made efforts to become dissociated from these events. It is quite understandable why they wouldn’t want to host an auction for the George Zimmerman gun considering how controversial the topic still is.

George Zimmerman Gun

Source: NPR

The original listing written by Zimmerman on Gunbroker mentioned a few extra details which could aid additional fuel to the controversy: his alleged innocence in the shooting of Treyvon Martin (claiming the killing resulted from self-defence), as well as a statement regarding how the proceedings from the gun sale will be handled. In the original statement, Zimmerman declares that all financial gains from the gun sale will then go to fund the prevention of violence against law enforcement officers, campaigning against hostile initiatives such as Black Lives Matter and so on. The post further states that the proceedings will also be used to end the prosecuting career of Angela Corey (the prosecutor who instrumented the case against Zimmerman), of Hillary Clinton’s anti-gun campaign and so on.

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